Cork Underlayment Sheets

These are the number one choice when it comes to sound control in flooring underlayment. Cork underlayment is generally needed because buildings have in their bylaws a stipulation that requires the homeowner or contractor to use a specific type of sound control underlayment before installing hard surfaces such as Hardwood flooring.. The Cork Underlayment Sheets contain millions of air-filled pockets per cubic inch. These air pockets compress under pressure, regaining their shape once pressure is removed thereby creating a gentle cushiony surface flooring material. There are over 100,000,000 air cells per cubic inch in the Cork Underlayment, which act as a sort of shock absorber and sound muffler.With cork underlayment you are literally walking on air! These characteristics are also the reason behind cork’s success as an acoustic insulation.

Cork Flooring Underlayments Sheets Functions & Purposes

Cork Underlayment can be used as a flooring underlayment for ceramic tiles, wooden floors, and laminate floors like Pergo. The cork is also can be used for bulletin boards and to help reduce noise. Cork Underlayment is also especially beneficial when used as a crack suppression barrier that will effectively prevent settling cracks that occur in the slab from affecting tile or marble.
The extremely unique cellular makeup of the cork underlayment contributes to its unparalleled thermal insulation and resilience, as well as the unequalled sound absorbency and added benefit of having excellent fire resistance qualities. These added benefits make this a natural choice for professional flooring installers of hard surfaces everywhere.

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