If you are looking for a durable and hard wearing floor, you may want to consider strand woven bamboo.  It is over twice as hard as Oak flooring, making it ideal for busy areas or commercial properties.

Cost Effective

Bamboo is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring while still offering the luxury and character of a natural product.  Generally it is less expensive than an average hardwood floor.


It is a fast-growing grass that reaches maturity in a quarter of the time of hardwood trees.  This also makes it more cost effective than hardwood.  Bamboo is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


 It can be installed over almost any subfloor and used in most rooms in your home. Bamboo is dimensionally stable, meaning that it can be used in rooms with fluctuating temperatures. You have a choice to either float it over an underlay or fix it down to the subfloor with nails or glue.


Bamboo Flooring is not actually made from hardwood floor material, but rather natural bamboo grass strove together to create the density and durability of an every day hardwood floor. 
Bamboo Flooring has become the trending choice for hardwood flooring enthusiasts as the actual plant itself is a renewable energy resource which can be re-harvested every five years for optimum environmental benefits. It may take other wood species over one-hundred years to reach the same levels of maturation. 

Bamboo floors have been used for already thousands of years in the construction industry in Asia, and now the western markets in the United States and Europe have recently discovered the benefits behind Bamboo Flooring.

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Bamboo flooring

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